We are welcoming you on the web page of the Ukrainian Community School “Ukrainske Kolo” (“Ukrainian Circle”). The school was founded in 2007 in South East London and has been growing ever since. Our goal is to introduce the Ukrainian language to children from London families where at least one of parents is a native speaker. We have pioneered a new approach aimed at integrating the Ukrainian language into the child’s bilingual and sometimes even trilingual environment. The foundation of our tuition is to make our pupils comfortable when learning Ukrainian and to ensure they enjoy the process, no matter what level they are at.


We offer a great variety of formats allowing children to grow into the language naturally.


For the youngest ones, we introduce the language through nursery rhymes, animation and games, all rolled into a popular format  of a playgroup. The playgroup lays a foundation for language classes. This is further strengthened by Learning Through Play class where children learn to recognise letters, name objects, and comprehend stories. 


We provide Ukrainian language tuition at three levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. The classes are grouped by ability. We have devised a unique teaching method, which is based on the way the English language environment affects perception of Ukrainian. 


Finally, we run a highly popular drama class, where children are creatively engaged into an on-stage theatre production, often based on a well-known Ukrainian folk tale. It is a great opportunity for kids to show their skills, be it acting, dancing, singing or reciting from stage. 


Drama productions are released twice a year, on Christmas and at the end of June, and are typically important social occasions, as the School's "family and friends" get together to appreciate their children's acting and Ukrainian language skills. At present, drama has been split into senior (9+) and junior (under 9) levels. 


"Ukrainske Kolo" is an independent community school and is run by professional language teachers on a voluntary basis, who build up their own curriculum, take care of logistics and marketing. It caters for 30+ children aged 4 to 13 and is subscription-based.  The school calendar is divided into 3 terms, with dates generally matching the calendar of English schools. There are 7-8 classes in each term. The school convenes fortnightly on Sunday afternoons. Please see our calendar and timetable for details. 


Our classes are conducted at the Chislehurst Methodist Church, where we have use of three classrooms, a secure children's play area for breaks, and the hall with a fully equipped stage for our drama productions. There is a dedicated waiting area for parents, with comfortable tables and chairs, tea and coffee facilities, free wi-fi access and free parking outside.   


At least half of our pupils have been attending the School for many years. Many thanks to parents, who have been supporting us all along!